Diet & Health

It seems to come down to what Mama said.  Go outside and play for a while before dinner and then eat your vegetables, desert comes after you have finished eating, and then do your homework.  After your homework is finished you can watch TV for an hour and then get to bed as you need your rest.

You need exercise to retain your muscles.  They will atrophy if you don’t use them.  It is easier to maintain them rather than having a big project to rebuild them.  Also it helps clear your mind from the day’s thoughts.  Do you like to Ski?

Vegetables contain fiber which is essential to work the digestive system regularly.  Yogurt cultures also help but many of these products will leave you empty of the fiber needed.

Desert is fun but not necessary.  Keep it in moderation and enjoy it.

Homework in adult lives can be equated to brain stimulation.  It doesn’t have to be homework per say but should help keep the mind active.  Take up a hobby or give yourself a new task.

TV is a luxury and shouldn’t become an addiction or a baby sitter for children.  Dialogue between siblings or parents will be more productive overall.

Sleep helps relax the mind and promotes a more positive result for the upcoming day as you will have the rest needed to participate in what ever pops up.

Mama was right all along.