Inspiration and Legacy

Dave Born is an avid skier who, over nine years ago, started the second Hope On The Slopes event at Greek Peak, New York.  Dave is a survivor of Stage 4 lymphoma, as well as a stem cell transplant recipient.  He is very proud to have participated in clinical trials designed to further cancer research.  His first experimental treatment was Rituxan, which is a monoclonal antibody targeting only the cancerous cells. 

His second clinical test was with an anti-rejection treatment, FK501, developed to minimize transplant rejection.  Dave realizes the gift of life he has been given by the efforts of past patients who participated in clinical trials and past research funding that made his recovery possible.

Skiing is Dave's passion, and after diagnosis he dedicated each run to fighting the dreadful disease and raising funds to find a cure.  As a survivor, Dave epitomizes the character of the HOTS event, challenging himself through veritical feet skied and symbolizing the endurance needed to battle cancer.  He is a tremendous role model for healthy living, competitiveness, dedication and generosity.

Our mission through Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure events is to eliminate cancer.  This is an enormous challenge, but well worth the effort.  Cancer comes in many forms.  The research funded by the American Cancer Society takes many forms as well.  Some research efforts will fail, but others will succeed.  Each success is a major step towards a cure.

Almost everyone today has been touched by cancer.  We all know a friend or relative who has cancer, or has passed away from this dreadful disease.  Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure gives skiers and boarders a way to make a difference in people's lives by participating in a meaningful fundraising event while enjoying on-snow sporting activity.