Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure is committed to operating to the highest standards of accountability, transparency and ethics. We seek to earn your trust by sharing information on how we operate and use donated dollars to achieve our mission.  The following details reflect our commitment to donors, volunteers and the people we serve. 

Internal and External Oversight

The Directors who serve and oversee Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure help to develop and advance the interests of our donors in ways that go beyond just raising money.  Good governance is more than just supporting the organization – it also means representing the community’s interests in what we do. Our Board of Directors has three fundamental legal obligations, or fiduciary duties, which apply to everything we do.

Duty of Care: The amount of care that an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in a like position and under similar circumstances. This describes the criteria our Directors must give to making decisions on behalf of Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure.

Duty of Loyalty: Keeping the interests of Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure in mind at all times when making decisions on behalf of the organization.

Duty of Obedience: Requires board members to be faithful to our mission; consistent with the mission statement, Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and tax-exempt documentation.

Working in partnership with the professional staff, the Directors also cooperate with key legal bodies and various independent organizations that evaluate charities on a number of factors, not the least of which is an organization’s degree of accountability and transparency.

HOTS Tax ID (pdf)
HOTS By-Laws (pdf)
HOTS 2013 Financials (pdf)
HOTS Privacy Policy (doc)
HOTS 990 Form (pdf)
HOTS IRS Designation Letter (pdf)


Doug Baugh, Director
Dave Born, Director / Secretary
Jason Brucker, Director
Kathleen Goyette, Director
Dave Ludwig, Director / Chair
Brian Marlow, Director
Chuck Morse, Director
Brian Ulman, Director / Treasurer


Lori K. Harmer, Executive Director
Devin Jenkins, Assistant Director
Kathy Waters, Summit View Accounting, Financial Consultant
Richard Neustedter, NPFS, Management & Governance Consultant