Thank you for inquiring, or agreeing to participate in a Hope on the Slopes (HOTS) fundraising event. Cancer affects all of us directly or indirectly, and the efforts we make together will make a difference towards finding a cure. By working together as individual participants, as a member of a team, and within the ski/board industry and our communities we are able to make important and significant monetary contributions that support the important programs, services, education, and research provided by the American Cancer Society.

1. Charlene Piercy, Executive Director
Hope on the Slopes, Ski & Ride for a Cure
1313 Broadway, Suite 100
Tacoma, WA 98402

2. HOTS events are fundraising events held at ski resorts and areas nationwide.

3. HOTS events may be 1-day or 24 hour events

4. Each HOTS event has a website that can be accessed via the HOTS website:

5. Family and friends event for skiers and boarders of all skill levels

6. Participants raise funds and promote HOTS during the months leading up to their local HOTS event by:

  • Asking friends and relatives to support your commitment
  • Organizing kick-off events such as hosting a ski movie/auction fundraiser
  • Working with local restaurants to promote HOTS
  • Working with local ski and board shops to promote HOTS
  • Contacting sororities and fraternities
  • Contacting High Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Working with local businesses, such as a car dealer, to promote HOTS
  • Working with local media to generate awareness of HOTS

7. What happens on the day of the event?

  • We Ski and Ride with friends and family and just have a fun day at the mountain. All levels of experience can participate, even first time skiers.
  • HOTS fundraising events may be 1-day, or 24-hour events depending upon resort
  • Participants and Teams compete for most vertical feet skied/boarded and for most funds raised
  • A typical day at the event includes:
  • Registration
  • Opening Ceremony, announcements, speaker sponsor recognition
  • Closing Ceremony, sponsor recognition, awards announcements for vertical and funds raised
  • Speaker during opening, closing, or during torchlight who is a cancer survivor, or someone who has been touched by cancer.
  • Vertical is tracked by resort system or free standing RFID system
  • Optional activities throughout the day vary by volunteer and resort initiative and creativity
  • Fun and games activities and mini fundraisers (poker run, scavenger hunt, Mr. HOTS Relay.
  • Silent auction items
  • Dinner/meal put on by resort (group discounted rate usually)
  • DJ and music
  • Luminary
  • Torchlight parade
  • Team parties
  • Midnight barbecue

8. Coordinate all activities through Charlene Piercy and the mountain staff.

9. Promotion by Resort, HOTS, and volunteers:

  • HOTS events are a partnership effort between the resort, HOTS/Ski & Ride, and volunteers.
  • Resort activities to start a new HOTS are primarily marketing. The objective is to introduce HOTS to the local area, communicate with local suppliers and business relationships and supporters that the resort already has, and identify volunteers who may be interested in participating in your HOTS fundraising event.
  • Press releases to resort local media relationships
  • Resort can create their own press releases or can request from HOTS
  • Resort can work with local media relationships, forward the responsibility to HOTS, or a combination
  • Resorts may contact local relationships and have their responses to directly to Charlene Piercy, HOTS Executive Director. You may have more but here are some ideas to help you notify and invite individuals, teams, and supporters to participate:
  • Announcement to season ticket holders and/or customer list
  • Contact local ski and board shops
  • Promotion to local clubs, schools, colleges, organizations, major employers
  • Announcement to season ticket holders and/or customer list
  • Subsequent emails as event get closer for important event information
  • Social Media strategy
  • Co-promote HOTS at the area with Group Sales and lodging
  • Host a silent auction, dinner, movie at the resort to kick-off the HOTS event
  • Work with local restaurants to host a kickoff “pray for snow” auction and fundraiser before the snow falls. Show Warren Miller Movies, etc.
  • Contact local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Business Development to help promote HOTS.

10. HOTS/SKI & RIDE responsibilities

  • Provide fundraising website
  • Serve as the point of contact for volunteers, sponsors, and resort
  • HOTS will supply to the resort: flyers, posters, other collateral material, banners, etc.
  • HOTS will work with local ACS to disseminate information about HOTS in their system
  • HOTS will supply to local identified businesses, clubs, sponsors with flyers, posters, collateral material, etc
  • HOTS will work with identified individuals and organizations to communicate to their employees how to become involved and then to take their own initiatives to promote HOTS
  • HOTS will host regular conference calls with volunteers, sponsors, and resort regarding marketing, day-of logistics, volunteer recruitment and volunteer activities and support.

11. VOLUNTEERS and Resorts work together to market the HOTS event

  • Our goal is to have volunteers run their local HOTS event
  • Volunteers must attain approval from resort and inform resort of promotions
  • Volunteers work with Charlene Piercy directly
  • Volunteers fundraise and participate individually or form teams of up to 15.
  • Volunteers begin to take on various responsibilities based upon their own initiative by:
  • Organizing kick-off events with local ski-shops, wineries, restaurants etc. to raise awareness, identify individuals interested in HOTS.
  • Organize a silent/live auction in conjunction with a “private” Warren Miller showing
  • Resort can host kickoff event as above and promote through their marketing department or support volunteer’s in their initiatives as their become identified.
  • Contact information of businesses, clubs, interested individuals, etc. should be forwarded to Charlene for input into the HOTS database to ensure ongoing communication, awareness, and promotion

Volunteers need to help with:

  • Marketing HOTS
  • Fundraising
  • Building Teams
  • Registration
  • Day of event activities: games, torchlight parade, barbecue
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Recruiting speakers
  • Organizing morning kick-off, closing ceremony
  • Social Media
  • Donating travel miles to HOTS to cover HOTS travel expenses.

12. Logistics

  • Discuss with Charlene
  • Chairs used for vertical competition
  • Location of registration
  • Location of opening and closing ceremonies
  • Special or unique resort characteristics
  • As event gets closer, Charlene will host conference calls to key volunteers
  • HOTS newsletters and email communications will be regular as we approach event dates

13. Vertical tracking system

  • Resort system
  • Orbiter
  • Other Vertical tracking device

14. HOTS will provide 1 or 2 trained volunteers or paid staff to be at the event to oversee, organize, be the point of contact, collect donations (cash, visa, checks), track vertical, etc.

  • This takes with pressure off of any one individual volunteer to make their local HOTS event successful, especially new HOTS events.
  • Registration requires 5 to 10 volunteers
  • Day of event fun activities are organized volunteers and the resort marketing department, and supported by HOTS
  • Poker Run
  • Fun and games
  • Silent auction
  • Music, noise, Radio DJ etc.
  • Dinner (group rate) provided by resort or outside vender
  • Midnight barbecue
  • Friday night “silent auction” and dinner/banquet at resort Friday night before HOTS event

15. HOTS/Ski & Ride For A Cure is a non-profit

  • Resorts may pitch in to underwrite costs
  • Group sales may pitch in to underwrite costs
  • Local, regional, and national corporations may provide corporate support to underwrite costs
  • In-kind donations by corporate sponsors can be used as silent auction items to convert to donations.
  • Because of travel costs, HOTS seeks to work with airlines, and resorts that have relationships with airlines to acquire airline vouchers for volunteer travelers
  • Donating travel miles to HOTS to cover HOTS travel expenses lowers costs of support